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Weekly Acting Classes and Individual Coaching

Weekly Acting Classes

8 weekly classes – These classes are designed to help you strengthen your existing tools as an actor and to also challenge the way you approach a role.  Weekly training in psycho-physical work to promote spontaneous and radiant performances.  These classes encourage the actor to access creative imagination in search of artistically truthful performances.

What does it mean to be an actor, how do you keep your inspiration alive?  Through regular training of concentration, observation, movement, imagination and characterisation you should be able to approach your acting work with greater ease and more joy.

This weekly acting course will be held on Tuesday evenings- check dates and times opposite.  There will be exercises given to do in between these weekly sessions to give a wholeness to the 8 week experience, so that our experiences don’t simply remain in the studio.

“This course was really an exciting time for me. Eventhough I did Chekhov before, the experience with Sarah was more impressive. The structure of the course is very well thought out.  It helps to dive into the different exercises of the Chekhov technique with a very clear mind so that in the end of each I knew what I have learned. Furthermore, Sarah is a really nice person. She brings positive energy to every class which I profit from in my work even afterwards.” Christine Detmers
Actor Berlin|Hamburg

“I am so pleased that I was able to attend the classes. They were really great, and I had so much fun and also reinforced many things. The people in the class were really terrific as well.” Nelson Farber – Writer, Director, Producer, Television Journalist, Actor

It was an amazing experience. Sarah is very attentive, professional, and lovely. She teaches many techniques in a practical and useful way, which you can immediately apply to your daily life. One of the things I like most about this workshop is that it focuses more on using your imagination, which is accessible for beginners. During the workshop, I also met many passionate people with diverse backgrounds, some of whom are artists, so I learned from their performances as well. This workshop is highly recommended to everyone, and I hope that there will be many more to follow. Thank you Sarah for these last weeks!” Eunyoung Hwang, Berlin

 “It has been a great journey for me. I like the format of the course. Having regular classes once a week gives a lot of time in between the sessions to question and reflect on what we have worked on. Also the exercises and tips she gave were very inspiring, I am sure I can apply it also in my dance practice and performance.  I hope to join more of her workshops and classes. Thank you again Sarah for sharing your beautiful work.  Marcelina Liebner, Dancer, Berlin





09.04.2024 17h-18:30h

16.04.2024 17h-18:30h 

23.04.2024 17h-18:30h  

30.04.2024 17h-18:30h

07.05.2024 17h-18:30h 

14.05.2024 17h-18:30h

21.05.2024 17h-18:30h 

18.05.2024 17h-18:30h

COST: €280

Cancellation Policy                                              

Refunds will only be given if you ask to cancel your course 14 or more full calendar days before the course start date. No refunds will be given after this date.

LOCATION: Chubbuck Acting Studio, Boxhagener Str. 77, 10245 Berlin

There seems to be a demand for these classes and  a limit on how many the studio can take so I will take people on a first come first served basis after which I’ll add you to a waiting list.  To secure your place let us know,

Private Acting tuition

I offer one-to-one training and coaching for actors, directors, performers and creative artists.

Many actors come to me for assistance with auditions for major acting schools and for auditions and screen tests for professional theatre, film and television projects. Others seek regular training sessions to suit their particular needs.

All these can be one to one sessions in person or online by Zoom.

I offer a free initial online session to meet and establish goals.

The individual acting lessons are then based on the goals discussed (e.g. actor training, role development, text work, audition training)

“Working with Sarah is the “Feeling of Ease ” itself. She teaches ease, light creative expansiveness and all that without even saying a word! With her presence, her kindness , her smile. Then she gives you a ‘light” push into the characterization. There you also see her knowledge, her keen eye and the precision with which she guides you.  She is a Teacher with capital T because she cares and she commits herself fully to her teaching. I highly recommend Sarah Purcell.”  Nina Karacosta (Actor, Paris)

Cost: €80 per 60 minute session

Simply call or text me on +49 176 2420 5444


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