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Acting Workshop using Psychological Gesture

About this workshop:

This 2-day workshop will focus on Michael Chekhov’s renowned Psychological Gesture.

At the core of the Michael Chekhov Technique is the training of concentration, imagination and movement. This workshop will look at some of the core principles of the technique by involving the psycho-physical training and the application of acting tools suggested by Chekhov. This workshop will focus mainly on Chekhov’s use of Psychological Gesture by means of portraying the character. We will be finding the character’s objective and bringing this to a gesture with qualities in order to get a deeper understanding of the character. This workshop is open to all levels of experience.  We will be using short monologues to apply the technique and all participants should leave inspired by new ways to approach their art form.

“One thing that I was surely looking for was a good teaching process for a topic like psychological gestures. I wanted to learn a topic like this in a systematic approach so that I could retain the content for a longer period of time. And it was absolutely so. I am very glad that I was there and I would surely want to be there for the next workshops as well. 

And, the best part about her way of teaching was how she nurtured the self confidence of the participants and let them bring the best out of themselves. I felt she understood the participants first and had a distinct approach to each student which made the workshop atmosphere very comfortable and engaging for each participant.” Praveen Nori, Actor

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