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What past participants say…


Julie Millaud

“Sarah is an inspiring acting teacher. She teaches the principles of the Chekhov method in a clear way and encourages each student to trust and embrace their connection to the character they’re playing. Her guidance is positive and empowering. 

I strongly recommend any actor curious to discover the Chekhov method to take a class with Sarah.”




Dr Roanna Mitchell

“I have absolutely loved being taught by Sarah. Her deep and creative understanding of her material, her capacity to really see each participant and facilitate their needs, and her ability to connect her teaching to what is happening in the world outside the studio, all come together to make for a really rich learning experience. I highly recommend joining one of her sessions if you have the chance.”

Lecturer, Course Leader MA Physical Acting (University of Kent)


Co-Director of the Chekhov Collective UK


Roman Hargas

“Sarah’s work contains all the four aspects of the creative work that Michael Chekhov suggests we should as actors develop in ourselves. She leads her sessions with a feeling of ease, her thoughts are wisely formed, her big interest towards the students is beautiful and the exercises with their aim are amazingly put together creating a whole. One can immediately see that Sarah has a very deep understanding of the Michael Chekhov technique and therefore the students can trust her. I am sure that under her teaching, every artist will grow tremendously.”




Levente Turoczi

“It matters who you are! – Sarah walks you through processes and practices in a way where you can discover not only your inner strength as an actor-performer, but also your own values through the individual experiences. The experiences and practices learned during the training not only expand the toolbox of expression of the arts, but also bring about a change in the attitude and communication towards oneself and others during everyday life.”

Life Coach, Performer, Arts Educator



Anna de Rijk

“Sarah is a warm and loving person and as a teacher she has a truthful and courageously vulnerable attitude which gives the students space to explore and find their own truth. I felt very inspired from her classes because it felt like she guided us to our own essential feeling for truth, which brought life and meaning to what we were doing. Sarah teaches trust and courage at the same time in a gentle and individual way.”

Model, Actor, Filmmaker



Eliya Lior Partush

“I was lucky to take part in Sarah’s workshop at the Michael Chekhov International Academy.  Sarah has the ability to see and feel deeply the group and build and deliver the class according to the needs of the group.  She creates an atmosphere of trust in which everyone can explore, work and feel secure.  In Sarah’s class you feel creative freedom with simplicity and there is no need to put on masks.  Sarah conveys, in the way that she teaches, her experience and personal connection to the work of Michael Chekhov, a connection from the heart and a feminine approach to Chekhov’s work.”

Singer, Teacher, Performer




Praveen Nori

“One thing that I was surely looking for was a good teaching process for a topic like psychological gestures. I wanted to learn a topic like this in a systematic approach so that I could retain the content for a longer period of time. And it was absolutely so. I am very glad that I was there and I would surely want to be there for the next workshops as well. 

And, the best part about her way of teaching was how she nurtured the self confidence of the participants and let them bring the best out of themselves. I felt she understood the participants first and had a distinct approach to each student which made the workshop atmosphere very comfortable and engaging for each participant.”




Anna Gloria Santello

“I really enjoyed working with the monologue and found it very interesting to notice how different “readings” lead to very different interpretations: both working with images and movements felt very valuable to me.

I also found the contraction-expansion exercise very powerful: I did realize how the attitude of one’s body can shape his/her mind and speech.”




Rachel Sidiropoulou

“I found her workshop enlightening and inspiring. It definitely throws light on the method of Chekhov and it gave me a lot of confidence about new ways to approach a role! As for Sarah, I felt that she built direct and strong connections with each participant while explaining the exercises to each one 

For sure she stayed in my mind as a full energetic and inspiring teacher!!”




Yukiko John-Inui

“Sarah is a heart warming teacher and she has a huge knowledge of Michael Chekhov`s technique. I was very happy that I could join her lessons. Her lessons have led me to understand the depth of Chekhov`s technique. With her charming personality I have enjoyed her lessons very much.”

Business Manager



Katya Stylianou

“Sarah is one of the kindest people I’ve met, and especially in this industry. Other than her natural kindness as a human being, she is also a great coach and has helped me develop my skills as an aspiring actress.  Always with a positive energy and able to keep me grounded, Sarah is a PLEASURE to work with. I don’t feel embarrassed performing in front of her, and I feel this to be one of the most important aspects for a teacher.  I’ve learnt to appreciate the simplicity of the present moment during her sessions, and I can’t wait to work with her again. She rocks!”



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